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Pinellas Bayway Bridge Replacement in St. Petersburg Beach, FL

Pinellas Bayway Bridge replacement construction began in February 2012. Completion is scheduled for the fall of 2014. It will connect Isla del Sol and St. Pete Beach using a four-lane, high level fixed span 65 foot high bridge. This will allow boats to pass underneath without impacting motorists and will improve traffic flow by reducing congestion. As the Concrete Specialty Engineer, Mr. Roush calculated and wrote the mass concrete plan and designed the cooling pipe system for the bridge substructure in order to remove the heat as it builds up during the curing period, and to reduce the scheduling time for form removal. Pictures show first how the cooling pipe system is installed within the reinforcing steel cage.  This system is then lifted as a unit into the formwork before the...

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Port of Miami Tunnel

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) cutterhead 42.3 ft diameter (as high as 4 story building) & 361 foot long trailing support gear; total length of TBM 428.5 ft (more than football field); largest diameter soft ground TBM in USA

Click any picture to start slideshow These new tunnels necessitate the widening of the MacArthur Causeway approaches so as to handle the increased traffic and allow adequate access to the tunnels. The result of these tunnels will be less congestion in the downtown Miami area and increased revenues to the Port of the City of Miami and the State of Florida. The initial planning for this project began in 1981 when the Port of Miami Access Task Force was first established. In May 2010 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) issued the Notice to Proceed, allowing the tunnel contractor, Bouygues Civil Works Florida (BCWF) to start construction. For the first bored tunnels constructed in the State of Florida, Mr. Roush calculated and wrote the mass concrete temperature control plans for...

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Miami International AirportLink MetroRail Earlington Heights Extension

MetroRail - Installation of Guideway Sections over SR 112

Click any picture to start slideshow The purpose of this extension is to expand to 23 stations and facilitate the transportation of millions of airport passengers and workers annually to and from their destinations. Construction began in May 2009. At 97% construction, completion is scheduled for later this year. As the Concrete Specialty Engineer for this project, Mr. Roush reviewed the plans, specifications and concrete mix designs, evaluating the thermal development characteristics of the concrete substructure supporting the elevated railway. The result was a mass concrete plan that lays out the exact control methods and procedures for the concrete contractor’s and owner’s use during construction. Compliance with these plans increases the durability and service life of the concrete. In...

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