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Miami International AirportLink MetroRail Earlington Heights Extension

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The purpose of this extension is to expand to 23 stations and facilitate the transportation of millions of airport passengers and workers annually to and from their destinations. Construction began in May 2009. At 97% construction, completion is scheduled for later this year.

As the Concrete Specialty Engineer for this project, Mr. Roush reviewed the plans, specifications and concrete mix designs, evaluating the thermal development characteristics of the concrete substructure supporting the elevated railway. The result was a mass concrete plan that lays out the exact control methods and procedures for the concrete contractor’s and owner’s use during construction. Compliance with these plans increases the durability and service life of the concrete.

In order to write the mass concrete plan, Mr. Roush performed the requisite calculations for heat flow analysis and designed the mass concrete plan for the entire substructure of this project. He attended a pre-pour placement meeting to coordinate the logistics of the plan with the contractor’s QC and owner’s inspector QA. He inspected the installation and functioning of the temperature monitoring system and also oversaw the first concrete placement. As a trouble-shooter throughout construction, he reviews and monitors continual feedback from the contractor of the concrete temperatures. Thus he supports compliance with the specifications and coordinates actions, when needed, to further control the concrete temperatures. Other functions he performed on this job were trouble-shooting concrete quality and surface appearance in the public areas after concrete placement and recommending preparation steps for the concrete overlays inside the station.