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Port of Miami Tunnel

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These new tunnels necessitate the widening of the MacArthur Causeway approaches so as to handle the increased traffic and allow adequate access to the tunnels. The result of these tunnels will be less congestion in the downtown Miami area and increased revenues to the Port of the City of Miami and the State of Florida.

The initial planning for this project began in 1981 when the Port of Miami Access Task Force was first established. In May 2010 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) issued the Notice to Proceed, allowing the tunnel contractor, Bouygues Civil Works Florida (BCWF) to start construction.

For the first bored tunnels constructed in the State of Florida, Mr. Roush calculated and wrote the mass concrete temperature control plans for both the widening of the MacArthur Causeway approaches and for the Miami Tunnel after reviewing all the relevant documentation. These are functions for the Concrete Specialty Engineer, which position Mr. Roush holds on this job as an independent contractor.

Throughout construction as the Concrete Specialty Engineer, Mr. Roush handles comments from the FDOT and owner’s engineers, monitors reports of the concrete temperatures as the work proceeds and directs actions to be taken to ensure compliance with the specifications and the mass concrete plan.

This work is in progress with approximately 40% of the construction completed. Completion is expected around the end of 2014.

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