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Litigation Services

Analyzed & designed repair procedure         Analyzed & designed repair procedure

Examined cracks and recommended repair procedure during construction that corrected situation and allowed construction to get back underway quickly

Qualified Concrete Expert Witness Services

Due to the length and breadth of Ken Roush’s experience in the field of concrete & concrete construction, he is called upon as an expert witness in lawsuits, mediations and arbitrations. He helps determine the legal strategy, evaluates the merits of an existing claim & the opponent’s experts.

He recommends the best courses of action from his expert viewpoint. He ensures the attorneys are completely prepared technically for what may arise, including preparation for depositions of the opponents’ experts.

Throughout the process, Ken guides attorneys through the complex technical aspects of concrete construction so that the attorneys fully understand & can apply this information for the successful resolution of the claim, whether in settlement or a full blown trial. 

Initial Preparations

  • Preliminary discussions with Attorney(s)
  • Review relevant/key documents
  • Formulate overall technical strategy

Site Visits

  • Photo documentation
  • Visual inspection
  • Sample collection
  • Report/discuss with attorney
  • Subsequently, recommend & oversee testing

Review of Both Plaintiff and Defendant Documents

  • Residence Foundation: Concrete floor slab moisture problems – repair procedure recommendationsLegal filings
  • Concrete delivery tickets and test reports
  • Construction plans
  • Concrete specifications & mix designs
  • Deposition transcripts and other relevant discovery materials
  • Analyze data, report findings and make recommendations

Defect/Failure Investigation

  • Due to excessive temperature differential, cracking occurred halting construction until corrected by plan written and overseen by Mr. RoushOversee and analyze technical research for cause and origin
  • Recommend non-destructive or destructive tests as required
  • Review all evidence
  • Make recommendations
  • Write engineering report

Expert Opinion and Testimony

  • Preparation with and of attorney(s)
  • Assist with preparation of technical discovery & taking of opposing experts’ depositions
  • Recommend exhibits
  • Write Affidavit, as required
  • Participate actively in mediation, arbitration or trial proceedings including courtroom testimony



“My firm used Ken Roush as an expert witness in a large highway interchange construction mediation. Mr. Roush was very thorough in his approach and extremely knowledgeable of the concrete industry, specifications and technicalities of this construction. He was a great facilitator to the successful conclusion of this matter.”
– Plaintiff Attorney

“Ken Roush did an outstanding job as an expert witness in litigation involving a major concrete bridge in the Florida panhandle. Ken identified that the contractor’s inability to obtain passing test results was due to a defective concrete specification. As the result of Ken’s involvement, we were able to negotiate a significant settlement in favor of the contractor.”

– Plaintiff Attorney


  • Registered Professional Engineer in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, most recently North Carolina
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering The Ohio State University, 1974
  • More than 35 years of experience in the concrete industry
  • Mr. Roush analyzed & recommended repair procedure program for residential concrete slab in preparation for legal actionWorkshop Instructor & Examiner for over 20 years of:  American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Field Testing Tech Grade I, ACI Aggregate Testing Tech Level I, ACI Aggregate Base Technician, ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician, ACI Concrete Construction Special Inspector, & due to his expertise, one of a few qualified instructors in USA of ACI Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector Workshop
  • Course Instructor of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Concrete Field Inspector Specifications, FDOT QC Manager
  • Certified as an Assessor for ISO 17025 Accreditation with L-A-B.  Laboratory Accreditation Bureau is the Accreditation Services Bureau (A-S-B) division that accredits testing and calibration laboratories world wide
  • Certified Concrete Plant Inspector for National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA)

Professional Affiliations

  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Society of Civil Engineers