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Concrete Expert / Mass Concrete

Kenneth H. Roush, P.E. – Concrete Expert / Mass Concrete*

Kenneth H. Roush, Professional Engineer (PE) currently registered in FL, OH, AL, NC, LA, VA

Ken Roush – On the job inside Port of Miami Tunnel

Ken is a civil engineer specializing in concrete – particularly mass concrete – and its use in the construction of foundations, bridges, dams, locks, tunnels, nuclear power plants, elevated railways, parking garages, and other large concrete structures. He has also expanded his expertise to include becoming a certified Assessor for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation, view our NEWS page for details.

He earned the reputation of concrete expert during his more than 35 years of service to this industry.  The foundation of his reputation is due to his extensive knowledge of and experience with the basics of concrete.


Ken began his career as a Materials Engineer for a leading testing laboratory. In 1979 he designed the concrete mixes for the cast-in-place substructure of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida. During its over four years of construction, he was the Quality Control Engineer for the bridge construction contractor on the main span, the high level approaches and the dolphins.

On the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Ken built the foundation of his knowledge as a concrete expert by taking responsibility for the mass concrete requirements of the entire project. Since the entire cast-in-place substructure required temperature control during curing,  he developed from scratch the methods and procedures for temperature control that met the strict project specifications. His expertise for handling large concrete structures has grown from there, and Ken is now one of a select few concrete experts on mass concrete in the USA.

Mr. Roush wrote mass concrete plan for substructure of approach piers, including calculation of peak temperature development and surface protection requirements

Dames Point Bridge – Jacksonville FL


Although mass concrete requirements vary by state, as a concrete expert Ken’s specific areas of knowledge enable him to plan and control the work on large concrete structures in such as way as to bring about a savings of time and money to the contractor and owner. Heat flow analyses and practical solutions are required to manage the stresses from the peak temperatures and temperature differentials within the concrete in order to ensure its strength and integrity.

As a concrete expert & specialty engineer, Ken’s knowledge, responsibility and control add up to a wide range of expertise. This range includes the design of the concrete mixes for use in massive concrete structures, writing the QC plans for the concrete producers and contractors meeting performance and cost demands. His concrete expertise extends to inspections and troubleshooting before, during and after construction & carries on through to recommending concrete repair action.

He always steers his clients to the simplest and most cost effective solutions.  His decades of experience also make him a concrete expert problem solver. He does this routinely through visual, documentation and investigation, including sampling and testing to provide forensic analyses that lead to cost effective recommendations and solutions. View our Engineering Services Page for details.


Because of the length and breadth of his experience in this field, Ken is called upon as an concrete expert witness in lawsuits, mediations and arbitrations. He makes site visits, reviews all relevant legal and construction documents, test results, evidence, and specifies necessary tests required. These actions may be taken to determine the legal strategy, whether or not there is a valid claim, evaluation of the merits of an existing claim and/or for use in expert depositions, affidavits and/or actual court room testimony.

Gilmerton River Bridge - Virginia

Gilmerton River Bridge – Virginia

Throughout this process, Ken guides attorneys through the complex technical aspects of concrete construction so that attorneys fully understand and can apply this information to the successful resolution of the claim, whether it is a settlement or a full blown trial. He recommends the best courses of action from his concrete expert witness viewpoint and ensures the attorneys are completely prepared technically for what may arise, including preparation for depositions of the opponents’ experts. View our Litigation Services page for details.


As a concrete expert Ken taught and was the certified examiner for many ACI courses: ACI Concrete Field Testing Tech Grade I, ACI Aggregate Testing Tech Level I, ACI Aggregate Base Technician, ACI Concrete Construction Special Inspector, Florida DOT Concrete Field Inspector Specifications and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) QC Manager. Due to being a concrete expert, Ken was one of the few qualified Instructors in the USA who teaches ACI’s Concrete Transportation Construction Inspector Workshop.  Ken has been an ACI Instructor & Examiner for more than 25 years.


Most recently Mr. Roush became a certified Assessor for ISO 17025 through L-A-B (Laboratory Accreditation Bureau), the Accreditation Services Bureau (A-S-B) division that accredits testing and calibration laboratories world wide. As a certified Assessor for ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation, Mr. Roush performed an external audit of two Osaimi Engineering Consulting Offices – in Yanbu and Al Khobar, Saudia Arabia.  The purpose of this audit was for both Osaimi Engineering Consulting Offices to attain ISO 17025 Accreditation.  This result was achieved.  Mr. Roush’s expertise enabled him to attest to the competence of the laboratories, thus both became the first in Saudia Arabia to attain accreditation to L-A-B’s highest quality standards.  View our NEWS page for details.

In 1995, Ken combined his engineering  and litigation concrete expertise with his communication skills and established E & L Support Services, Inc. The “E” stands for ENGINEERING and the  “L” for LITIGATION, thus naming and highlighting his areas of expertise. Today, he is the senior engineer and owner of this company.

Ken is a Professional Engineer licensed in Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, North Carolina, and most recently in Georgia.  His  licensure continues  to expand into other states. He is a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He is also a Certified Concrete Plant Inspector for National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA).


* “Mass concrete” is defined as any volume of concrete with dimensions large enough to require that special means be taken to control the generation of heat of hydration from cement, and subsequent volume changes.


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